For those who have been following POW’s campaign asking Snowy Hydro to return to regular measurements at Spencers Creek, great news!

Thanks to your response to our ‘Save our Snow Climate Data’ Campaign, and this wonderful article by Cosmos, Snowy Hydro has committed to increasing the frequency of their measurements!

“And so while there isn’t any operational need for us to increase the frequency of measurements, we have agreed that we will commit to more regular measurements at
Spencers Creek from next year onward”
-Jeremy Kinley, Acting Manager of water for Snowy Hydro.

We at POW would like to extend our thanks to everyone who followed, signed, and worked on the campaign to reach this outcome. We would also like to thank Jonica Newby for writing the article for Cosmos, and Snowy Hydro for responding to our campaign and taking action to return to more regular data collection. We strongly believe this will benefit everyone who relies on this region long into the future.

This campaign’s aim asking Snowy Hydro to reinstate regular data measurements at Spencer’s Creek was vitally important to snow enthusiasts and researchers alike as the longest running and most consistent source of snow data in Australia. It not only helps us track and compare ski seasons; it helps us predict the potential impacts of climate change on Australian snow, among many other benefits. More data is always better!

Without you, this important data might have been lost forever. So thank you again for your collective action and interest in Protecting Our Winters!