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Help us ensure winter keeps coming back

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Help us ensure winter keeps coming back

Our Mission

POW Australia helps our outdoor community protect the integrity of Australia’s unique alpine environment and lifestyle from climate change.

Protect Our Winters Australia is a passionate community of outdoor enthusiasts, athletes and industry brands uniting the outdoor community to advocate for policy solutions to climate change. We believe our fragile alpine ecosystem and our love for adventure amongst it, demands our participation in the fight to save it and everything it represents.

Our Vision

Create a future where our alpine playground and the communities and businesses that depend on it still exist.

For our unique alpine playgrounds to remain healthy and resilient and to protect the integrity of Australian winters, we envision a future of net-zero by 2035 where global heating has been limited to 1.5c in line with science based targets.

Read about our Theory of Change here.


#75by2030 Petition

The new government is committed to act on climate, but Australia needs more ambition to ensure the longevity of Australia’s snow sports for generations to come.

We urge our government to strengthen its current emission reduction targets from 43% by 2030 to a target that is aligned with what climate science tells us is necessary: 75% by 2030.

Send Prime Minister – Anthony Albanese, and Climate Change & Energy Minister – Chris Bowen, a message calling for stronger action of #75by2030.

Latest News

Ways To Act Wednesday – Week 4. Follow the money

Thanks again to @climatechangebowl for the graphics. Final instalment of Ways To Act Wednesday and it's time to follow the money trail. Super and banks don’t just leave your money in a little box, they invest it. In some cases it's invested in fossil fuels and deforestation. In 2020 the Big 4 banks loaned $8.9 billion to the coal, oil...

Week 3 of Ways To Act Wednesday. Reusing and Repairing

A super simple concept that most of us have already figured out, but if we go on consuming the way we are, we will continue to produce greenhouse gases and eventually run out of resources.

Week 2 of Ways To Act Wednesday. On your bike! (or skateboard/scooter/feet/public transport/carpool).

Let’s face it. We cry a little every time we go to fill our car up with fuel.

But let’s flip this to a positive. If we drive less we are emitting less carbon dioxide.

Ways To Act Wednesday – Week 1

Today we kick off our 4 week series where we bring real actions to you that can help make a difference in reducing Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions.

With a new government in power we need them to know right from the get go that Australian voters care about the state of the climate and reducing emissions.