The Steep Reflections film tour, hosted by The North Face, has raised $14,500 for Protect Our Winters (POW) Australia. This donation is the largest injection of funds POW Australia has received since its inception. We would like to thank everyone who attended one of the screenings. This money is a game changer for us and enables POW to make significant strides towards our mission of protecting the mountains we all love.

Our biggest injection of funds yet, and what we’re doing with it!

Your contributions are supporting POW in developing its community and industry education programmes, as well as building new tools to help you measure and reduce your own carbon footprint (stay tuned!). Additionally, we were able to establish the organisation financially, allowing us to create event collateral, educational materials for supporting partners and a new line of merchandise!

We have been able to cover the necessary expenses of ‘boring-stuff’ like transitioning to a tax-deductible charity and getting insurance for our jam-packed event schedule this winter.

A huge thank you from POW to everyone involved—the film makers, photographers, riders, sponsors—and most importantly you, the winter loving community for being along for the ride!

Steep Reflections Film Tour Recap

At a series of winter kick-off events, crowds gathered around Australia to celebrate the premier of The Steep Reflections film. With stunning visuals and a thought provoking message, the film by Cameron Wood, Daygin Prescott, and Henry Smith, film left audiences in awe of their own backyard and yearning to protect it! The film was followed by a Q&A with the filmmakers, as well as ambassadors for POW and Mountain Safety Collective. We caught up with the crew to hear their tour highlights, what makes this film different, and what message they want people to take away from the film.

How would you describe the atmosphere at the events?

“The atmosphere was fantastic and exactly what you’d expect leading up to winter!” – Alex West, Communications Manager, The North Face

“It was the perfect way to kick off winter, reigniting the stoke from last year and introducing backcountry to fresh eyes. – Daygin Prescott, Filmmaker

“Incredible. It was great to see the community out in force to support and get frothy about the season. Having conversations with people about their passion for the snow was special” – Sam, Protect Our Winters

What was a highlight from the tour?

“Looking around the room while the film played was pretty emotional for me. I’m proud of the whole team for making it happen.” – Daygin, Filmmaker

“When people approached us at the end, saying they felt inspired to get out there and do more for their planet.” – Woody, Film subject and presenter

“Connecting with everyone about their love for the snow. Steep Reflections either introduced the backcountry to people for the first time, or reminded them how incredibly beautiful and unique Australia’s landscape is.” – Sam, Protect Our Winters

What makes this film different to another ski film?

“The Q&A section made Steep Reflections stand out compared to your average ski movie. It was important to provide more insight on these issues raised in the film. The film did a fantastic job at mentioning climate change and snow safety without shoving it down the audience’s throat. It struck the perfect blend of narration and fun.” – Joey, Film subject and presenter

“When embarking on this project, it was crucial for us to collaborate with POW, Mountain Safety Collective and The North Face. Each organisation played a huge part in the films storyline. Viewers were comforted by the professional credibility coming from organisations at the forefront, the heart and soul of people making a difference for Australian snow sports.” – Woody, Film subject and presenter

Steep Reflections

How did the presence of POW contribute to the films impact?

“Having POW present at the screenings was essential. People wanted more answers and understanding of what POW does after watching the film, it was the perfect opportunity to connect with the community.” – Woody, Film subject and presenter

“For many attendees, having POW involved was part of the reason they came along to the premier. We had a dream of creating this film to have a much bigger purpose than purely entertainment. Our environmental focus in the film was complemented immensely by having a POW representative to further elaborate on the topic and answer any questions which arose.” – Daygin Prescott, Filmmaker

“We owe a lot of gratitude to the crew for including us in this project! It has contributed to the cultural change needed for us to move forward and been a great launchpad for the season. It’s a fine line we walk when talking about the scariness of climate change – we want to trigger fight not flight reflexes in people. Bumming them out with scary stats is not the way to go about it, and I think the messaging that came through the film was on point.” – Sam, Protect Our Winters

Talking reflections, what were yours after wrapping up this film tour?

“One of my biggest dreams as a creative is to produce work that inspires and has a greater purpose. I truly felt this throughout the tour; it was a true dream come true. Raw talent and big budgets can create amazing things, but this film brought together a bunch of passionate people with not much money and we made it work.” – Daygin Prescott, Filmmaker

“This film and tour have shown me that any of us can make a real difference. I’ve developed an even deeper love for skiing and the communities around it.” – Woody, Film subject and presenter

“This film is relatable because none of us are Red Bull athletes, and we all have normal jobs. The audience could see our passion for the sport and gain their own inspiration.” – Joey, film subject and presenter

What message would you like to share with people who couldn’t attend the premiers?

“Your local community is your support system. Reach out, socialise and get involved. You never know who you might meet and what inspiration may be sparked.” – Woody, Film Subject and presenter

“We are all in this together. Keep playing in the snow and do it responsibly. Watch the film to experience Australia’s beautiful backcountry. Then get your butt out there and enjoy it like the rest of us.” – Joey, Film subject and presenter

“Appreciate what our mountains have to offer. Stay aware of the changes happening and those yet to come. Share those experiences, reflect on them, and take action to make the changes you desire. Then do it all again!” – Omar, Protect Our Winters

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