Thanks again to @climatechangebowl for the graphics.

Final instalment of Ways To Act Wednesday and it’s time to follow the money trail.

Super and banks don’t just leave your money in a little box, they invest it. In some cases it’s invested in fossil fuels and deforestation.

In 2020 the Big 4 banks loaned $8.9 billion to the coal, oil and gas industry, up 18% since 2019, bringing the total amount loaned since 2016 to $44.4 billion…is that good for winter?

So while our money is “sitting” in banks (aka being invested by them) why not ensure it is being invested in something that will help keep winters here and snowy!

For a sticker this week we just want to know what your bank or superfund is doing well in terms of greenhouse gas emissions- so comment on this post on Facebook or Instagram and we will be in contact.