Awesome graphics courtesy of @climatechangebowl

Today we kick off our 4 week series where we bring real actions to you that can help make a difference in reducing Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions.

With a new government in power we need them to know right from the get go that Australian voters care about the state of the climate and reducing emissions.

There is a link between human activities releasing greenhouse gases, and the overall warming of the global climate (and do we need to say it … a warming climate impacts snowfall). We need to tell them about all the great things winter brings; fitness opportunities, economic benefits, one of a kind wilderness experiences and more.

Whip out the laptop, put your feet up and get cozy on the couch as you spend 10 mins typing an email to a local MP*. We will leave the details to you but stating why you value winter, your concern at how a warming climate will affect this and what you want (hint: a 75% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 is something POW Australia and the Climate Council support) are the key points.

Once you have hit send, hit us up with a comment on this post on Facebook or Instagram with the name of your local MP and a sentence saying why winter is important to you and we will pick someone to receive one of our POW stickers.

*Yeah, for those asking what’s a MP, we got you. MP means Member of Parliament and there is one for each geographical area. You know that vote you did a few weeks ago where you had to put a number besides some individuals (not parties)? Well that was you voting for your local MP. What do they do? Well they represent your interests, so when important topics like climate change policies are discussed, if your MP has been bombarded by emails, phone calls and letters about climate change from people in their area then they should represent those views in Parliament.