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Save Our Snow Climate Data

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Save Our Snow Climate Data

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Our Mission

POW Australia helps our outdoor community protect the integrity of Australia’s unique alpine environment and lifestyle from climate change.

Protect Our Winters Australia is a passionate community of outdoor enthusiasts, athletes and industry brands uniting the outdoor community to advocate for policy solutions to climate change. We believe our fragile alpine ecosystem and our love for adventure amongst it, demands our participation in the fight to save it and everything it represents.

Our Vision

Create a future where our alpine playground and the communities and businesses that depend on it still exist.

For our unique alpine playgrounds to remain healthy and resilient and to protect the integrity of Australian winters, we envision a future of net-zero by 2035 where global heating has been limited to 1.5c in line with science based targets.

Read about our Theory of Change here.


Save Our Snow Climate Data

The Snowy Hydro Spencer Creek snow depth records represent extremely valuable data for scientists, resorts, local businesses, keen snow goers and more.

Unfortunately the frequency of data being collected is falling – making it difficult to understand how longer term trends are affecting the Australian Alps

Ask Snow Hydro that the data be collected from the first snowfall in a season on a weekly basis; as has been done from at least 2011-2020.

Latest News

The Aussie Snow Gum: An Icon In Trouble

Any visitor to the Australian Alps would be no stranger to the snow gum. Its rainbow bark and twisted trunk are synonymous with the high country itself. “They are the iconic tree of the mountains”, says Cam Walker of Mountain Journal fame and Friends of the Earth.
Tragically, Cam says, because of climate change, the trees are “facing the prospect of ecological collapse”

Our merch collab with @ClimateChangeBowl just dropped

Snowboarder, artist and climate change policy advisor… meet MJ, the person behind POW’s 2023 merch designs. Discover her passion for the natural world, snowboarding and using art as a powerful tool for climate activism.

Steep Reflections Film Tour Raises $14,500 for Climate Action

The Steep Reflections film tour, hosted by The North Face, has raised $14,500 for Protect Our Winters (POW) Australia. This donation is the largest injection of funds POW Australia has received since its inception. We would like to thank everyone who attended one of the screenings. This money is a game changer for us and enables POW to make significant...

The untold story of Spencers Creek snow monitoring and climate change

Hidden in between Charlotte Pass and Perisher Valley in New South Wales, lies a small snow recording station called Spencers Creek, run by Snowy Hydro. Since 1954, it has quietly collected valuable data, becoming the backbone of scientific research by The Bureau of Meteorology and CSIRO, and several universities.