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Addressed To:
Dennis Barnes – Snowy Hydro CEO,

The Snowy Hydro Spencers Creek snow depth records represent extremely valuable data for scientists, resorts, local businesses, keen snow goers and more. Many reputable published journals reporting on climate change have used these historical, well kept records to explore climate change effects on Australian snow. It is valuable data for computing future climate models as well as giving us an insight into the past climate. It also provides an unbiased assessment of snowfall useful for backcountry guides and backcountry riders.

The data you have provided thus far has been valued and used by many. Thank you.

Unfortunately, the data collected in 2022 was very sparse in comparison to other years with only 4 readings being collected from May – July, whereas all the other years from 2020 back to 2011 have 9 or more records during this time (and 2021 had 6). The recordings so far in 2023 seem to be in line to follow 2022’s frequency.

As the data has obvious value I wish to request that the data be collected from the first snowfall in a season on a weekly basis; as has been done from at least 2011-2020. This will help ensure that scientists, resorts, local businesses and keen snow goers continue to have access to accurate and reliable snow depth information.

Again, thank you for providing this data to the community. It would be wonderful to see it continue in the same capacity it previously has.

If you could reply to this email to let me know of an outcome that would be appreciated.

Thank you

We’ve closed this petition pending an announcement – stay tuned!

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