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Stephanie Ho

Stephanie Ho


Stephanie Ho is an long-distance athlete and adventurer. Growing up in a big city far away from the mountains, she only discovered the joys of the outdoors at the age of 14. Since then, she has not stopped exploring and setting big goals. From skiing across the Greenland icecap at 21 to climbing Island Peak in Nepal, Steph has pushed her mind and body to achieve more than she ever thought possible.

The reason she embarks on these adventures is because she feels an intrinsic need to learn about the world's most beautiful and remote areas whilst also feeling at one with the environment in which she interacts with. Her mission is to use her skiing expeditions as a platform to promote the fragility of the polar regions and to encourage others to develop a similar love and respect for our winter playground.

Outside of sport, Steph is studying a Bachelor of Exercise Physiology and plans to use her knowledge to conduct research into the physiology of human performance in extreme environments.


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