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Applications for POW Founding Members has closed. Stay tuned for more on general membership soon.

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Applications for POW Founding Members has closed. Stay tuned for more on general membership soon.

Why are we doing this?
POW needs at least 50 paid voting class members to start our application to become a registered, tax-deductible charity. This is a key organisational goal for us, and will unlock grant funding and potential for large, impactful donations.

We need at least 50 members locked in by the end of January, so that we can submit the necessary paperwork and hopefully have our charity status approved before winter kicks off.

What do you mean by a voting class member?
POW has decided to offer multiple membership options – those with voting rights and those without. The membership class with voting rights is primarily for administrative purposes and for those who want to be deeply involved with POW. The general class without voting rights will be for the broader public, and will be more expensive (likely $120 annually) to act as a fundraising tool while unlocking a range of member only benefits.

What do you need to know about becoming a voting class member?
POW has completed the legal transition required to become a company limited by guarantee (ABN 60 673 391 127) before we can apply to become a charity. This means that our voting class members will have certain legal responsibilities.

These include:

  • Each voting member has a nominal liability for POW’s debts in the instance POW Australia is wound up. This liability is capped at $10. It is unlikely that POW would ever have any meaningful debt.
  • Voting responsibilities – POW must have a quorum (10% of all total members) present at annual meetings for the meeting to proceed. This means that once you’re a voting member you’re expected to have some involvement in shaping the path of our organisation, please attend annual meetings when required or vote via proxy.

Ok, I’d like to apply to become a founding member!
Great! The founding membership class comes with two years of voting rights, plus broader membership benefits (TBC) for a small fee of $2 to cover the transaction fees.

Please add this product to checkout and complete payment to submit your application to become a member.

Note – you are not guaranteed membership status by completing the checkout. Our secretary will be in touch to finalise your membership status after you have completed payment. Should membership not be granted for whatever reason your payment will be refunded.

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