We believe in transitioning to a clean, renewable energy economy to reduce––and eventually eliminate––our reliance on fossil fuels.


Renewable energy is generated from sources that naturally replenish themselves and never run out such as wind, rain, sunlight. There are many policies that support the expansion of the renewable energy industry, including financial investments for solar projects, setting renewable portfolio standards (how much electricity must come from renewable resources) and creating successful clean energy cash-back programs such as net metering (allowing solar customers to sell excess energy back to the grid).


It might seem like a renewable energy future is a far way off, but the truth is that clean energy and renewables are already outcompeting fossil fuels.

By 2035, it will be more expensive to run 90 percent natural-gas-fired power plants than to build wind and solar farms with storage systems.

In the spring of 2019, clean renewable energy supplied more of America’s electricity than coal.

By June 2022, the pace of U.S. renewables growth is predicted to surpass fossil fuel growth by a significantly greater margin than what FERC had previously anticipated.

We also know that this future hinges on a combination of technology, policy and cultural adoption that must go hand in hand to achieve a truly renewable energy future. We’ll continue to push for all of the above.